Milling Machine Operator


Summary Job Description: Responsible for running the milling machine. This involves tasks related to set-up, machine
operation, and disposing of chips as required.

Tools and Equipment: Milling machine, variety of cutters and hand tools, chip pushers, cranes, shovels, and brooms. This list
is not all inclusive.

Job Functions and Functional Job Task Elements

Task 1: Operate Milling Machine

  • The employee is responsible for changing cutters on this machine on average 2 to 6 times per night. Heavier cutters are only changed two times per shift. Cutters vary in weight from 10 to 80#s-milling flats, key ways, dowel holders, etc. The lighter cutters are located around the machine, while cutters that weigh more than 40# are in a tool room approximately 75 feet away. They are placed between floor and 27 inches off the floor on shelves. The employee is responsible for taking the cutter from the shelf to dolly and then wheeling it over to the machine.
  • A jib crane can be used to lift the heavier cutters to the machine, while lighter ones are mounted by hand.
  • While mounting the cutter, the employee needs to stand on an 18 inch step and place the cutter sideways below waist level. A space of 20 inches is available if the employee wants to put the cutter in from the front.
  • The cutter then needs to be locked into place by using an Allen bolt and needs to be done from the side as well.
  • Can also be required to place 20# puck and push V-blocks into place. Required to tighten parts using a large wrench on an infrequent basis during the shift as well.
  • Must monitor machine operation carefully due to close tolerance of machine operation.

Task 2: Maintain Machine and Surrounding Area

  • The chips on this machine need be shoveled form one side of the machine to the other at knee level.
    Once the chips have been moved to the other side, they are shoveled once again into a large bin. Approximately 30-
    40 shovels full of chips are moved during a shift. This is split between 2-3 occasions in the entire shift.
  • Utilize check sheet for preventative maintenance.
  • Keep area clean, sweep, pick up debris, etc.
  • Check off paperwork associated with each job.

Shift: 8 hours regular shifts and 12 hours over-time shifts.

Breaks: 30 minute lunch.

Flooring: Cement, wooden platforms, rubber mats.

Environment: Machine shop environment. Need to be careful with other employees while moving overhead cranes in the

Safety Equipment: Hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, and steel-toe shoes.

Strength Range: Medium to Medium-Heavy strength range.

*Benefits include; 401K, Insurance plan w/ Drug, Vision, and Dental, Life Insurance, (11) paid Holidays, Vacation time after 720 hours of service, and more!


Canton, Ohio