Medical Biller


Job description

North Canton medical office is looking for a Medical Biller to work M-F 8:30p-5a. You must have previous medical billing experience to be considered for this position.

The job responsibilities of Medical biller include the following:

· To ensure that all patient information is accurate and complete and request any missing patient information.

· To obtain and review referrals and authorizations for treatments.

· To confirm patient benefits and insurance eligibility.

· To follow and adhere to all regulations and guidelines set by state programs, and HMO/PPO, etc.

· To transfer insurance claims and billing data to billing software.

· To create both paper and electronic copies of documentation.

· To develop and maintain a tracking system of incoming and late payments.

· To work with personal information and maintain patient confidentiality.

· To monitor and resolve financial discrepancies.

Education and Experience Required

· A high school diploma.

· A minimum of one to three years of experience in a medical office setting.

Skills set, abilities, and knowledge required:

· Should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

· Should have a good knowledge of insurance guidelines as well as schemes like HMO/PPO, other payer requirements, and systems.

· Should be competent enough to use computer systems, software, and calculators.

· Should be comfortable to be a part of the team and work in a team environment.

· Should have a sound knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures.

· Should be able to maintain patient confidentiality as per the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

**If you apply and are qualified we will follow up with additional information on the application process.


North Canton, Ohio 44720